Welcome to SAFCO Services, one of the leading ocean freight forwarding companies offering comprehensive shipping solutions globally. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a vast network of carriers worldwide, we are one of the top ocean freight forwarding companies. Partner with one of the finest ocean freight forwarding companies today and contact us today!

What do ocean freight forwarding companies do?

International trade thrives on the efficient movement of goods across the globe, and ocean freight forwarding companies play a pivotal role in facilitating this process. We understand the significance of ocean freight forwarding in global commerce. As one of the leading ocean freight forwarding companies, we leverage our extensive network of leading carriers and partners worldwide. This means that we deliver comprehensive shipping solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We stand at the forefront as one of the premier ocean freight forwarding companies.

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    Our Services – Leading Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies

    Distinguished among ocean freight forwarding companies, SAFCO Services offers an array of services tailored to meet your shipping requirements:

    Freight Containers

    As one of the best ocean freight forwarding companies, we provide a wide selection of container options suitable for various cargo types, including:

    • Standard 20′, 40′, and 45′ containers
    • 40′ High Cube containers for voluminous cargo
    • Refrigerated containers (Reefers) for temperature-sensitive goods
    • Flat-racks for oversized or unconventional cargo


    Navigating the complexities of international shipping demands meticulous attention to detail. As one of the leading ocean freight forwarding companies we manage all aspects of documentation, including:

    • Export and import customs clearance
    • Consular and legalised documentation
    • Preparation of Standard Shipping Notes (SSNs)


    As one of the top ocean freight forwarding companies we offer a comprehensive suite of shipping services tailored to your specific needs, including:

    • Full Container Load (FCL) for shipments requiring dedicated containers
    • Less Than Container Load (LCL) for smaller shipments
    • Port-to-port and door-to-door delivery options

    Benefits of Professional Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies

    Opting for professional ocean freight forwarding companies like SAFCO Services presents numerous advantages, including:

    • Cost-Effectiveness

    Ocean freight stands out as the most economically viable option for shipping goods internationally. Partnering with reputable ocean freight forwarding companies enables businesses to reduce transportation costs.

    • Global Accessibility

    Through our widespread network of carriers and collaborators, SAFCO Services offers effortless access to key ports and destinations worldwide. This ensures prompt and efficient delivery of your cargo to its designated endpoint.

    • Assurance

    Being among the forefront ocean freight forwarding companies, we place utmost importance on continuous monitoring and personalised communication. This commitment ensures that you remain well-informed about the progress of your shipments.

    Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies FAQs

    How long does it take for a shipment to reach its destination?

    Transit times vary depending on factors such as distance, shipping route, and mode of transport. As one of the best container shipping companies UK, our team can provide detailed estimates based on your specific requirements.

    What documentation is required for international shipping?

    Documentation requirements vary by country and commodity type but typically include a commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list, and relevant certificates.

    Are there any restrictions on the types of cargo you can ship?

    Certain hazardous materials, perishable goods, and oversized cargo may be subject to special handling requirements or restrictions. Our team can advise you on the best approach for shipping your specific cargo.

    Do you offer insurance for shipped goods?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive cargo insurance options to protect your goods against loss or damage during transit. Our team can assist you in selecting the appropriate coverage for your shipments.

    Can you arrange transportation for oversized or unconventional cargo?

    Absolutely. As one of the top container shipping companies UK, we have experience in handling a wide range of cargo types, including oversized or unconventional items that require special handling or equipment.

    Do you provide tracking services for shipments?

    Yes, we offer robust tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor the status of your shipments in real time.

    What happens if my shipment encounters delays or issues?

    As one of the best container shipping companies UK, we are dedicated to ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of your cargo. In the event of delays or issues, we proactively communicate with you to provide updates and resolve any challenges promptly.

    Can you assist with customs clearance at destination ports?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive customs clearance services to facilitate the smooth entry of your goods into their destination country. Our team ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and handles documentation on your behalf.

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    Experience and Expertise

    As one of the top container shipping companies UK, we bring unparalleled expertise and knowledge to every project. We are dedicated to delivering superior service and exceeding client expectations.

    Global Network

    Our extensive network of carriers and partners ensures seamless access to major ports and destinations worldwide, allowing us to provide efficient and reliable shipping solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Customer-Centric Approach

    As one of the leading container shipping companies UK, we go above and beyond to understand your unique requirements and provide personalised solutions that deliver peace of mind.

    Ready to experience the benefits of working with one of the top ocean freight forwarding companies? Contact SAFCO Services today to discuss your shipping needs and discover how we can streamline your logistics operations for success.

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