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What is Air Freight?

Air freight is the transportation of goods via aircraft. It is a vital part of the global logistics network, providing a fast and efficient mode of transportation for a wide range of products. As one of the top air freight companies UK, we are known for our speed, reliability, and ability to reach almost any destination around the world. Whether you are an e-commerce business, a manufacturer, or an individual looking to send important cargo, air freight offers an effective solution.

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    What Can Air Freight Transport?

    When it comes to the items that can be transported via air freight UK, the possibilities are extensive. Our air freight UK includes:

    • Perishable Goods: Fresh produce, seafood, and pharmaceuticals that require quick delivery.
    • Electronics: High-value electronics and tech products that need to reach markets promptly.
    • Textiles and Fashion: Clothing, accessories, and textiles that demand fast distribution.
    • Automotive Parts: Parts and components that keep the automotive industry moving.
    • Aerospace Equipment: Sensitive and high-value aerospace components.
    • Medical Supplies: Life-saving medical equipment and supplies for healthcare institutions.
    • E-commerce Shipments: Fast delivery of products ordered online.
    • Manufactured Goods: Rapid transportation of manufactured products.
    • Hazardous Materials: Specialised handling of dangerous goods, chemicals, and substances.


    As leaders in air freight UK, we can accommodate a range of requirements. Contact us today for more information.

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    Distribution Solutions

    • Same Day: We offer same-day distribution for air freight UK when time is of the essence. This guarantees your air freight UK will reach its destination ASAP.
    • Next Day: Our next-day distribution for air freight UK ensures your cargo arrives at its intended location the next day.
    • International: We provide international distribution for air freight UK that spans the globe. This connects you to key markets across the globe.
    • Hazardous: Handling hazardous materials requires expertise and precision. We are fully equipped to handle and transport hazardous air freight UK safely and compliantly.

    Cross Trades

    • Worldwide Presence: We have established relationships with partners and agents and can facilitate cross-trades worldwide.
    • Global Control: We offer advanced tracking and monitoring for real-time visibility and control over your air freight UK.
    • Network Monitoring: Our dedicated team continuously monitors our vast network to ensure your air freight UK is on the move and that you have the most up-to-date information.

    Air Cargo Freight Solutions

    • Airfreight Consolidations: We offer cost-effective airfreight consolidations to streamline your logistics. This reduces expenses and ensures your air freight UK reaches its destination.
    • Priority Airfreight: Our priority services for air freight UK ensure that it reaches its destination in the shortest possible time.
    • Express Airfreight: For urgent cargo, our express airfreight service UK is your best choice, providing the quickest route from point A to point B.
    • Clearance Facilities At All UK Airports: Our established relationships with authorities at all major UK airports allow us to expedite the clearance process.

    The Benefits of Professional Air Freight Companies UK

    • Reliability

    Our commitment to on-time delivery and secure handling of your air freight UK ensures that your business can maintain a dependable supply chain.

    • Cost-Effective Solutions

    We offer tailored solutions for air freight UK that optimise your logistics while keeping your costs in check.

    • Global Reach

    With our extensive network, your business gains access to a global market, allowing you to expand your reach and tap into new opportunities.

    FAQ About Air Freight UK

    How does air freight compare to other shipping methods in terms of cost?

    Air freight UK is generally more expensive than sea or land transport due to the speed and reliability it offers.

    What is the typical transit time for air freight shipments?

    Transit times vary depending on the destination, but air freight UK is significantly faster than sea freight. For example, a typical transatlantic air freight shipment can take 1-5 days, while sea freight can take several weeks.

    Are there restrictions on the types of cargo that can be transported by air?

    Yes, there are restrictions on hazardous materials and items with specific handling requirements. It’s essential to consult with your air freight provider to ensure compliance.

    How do I track my air freight shipment?

    Most air freight companies UK provide online tracking services, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s progress in real time.

    What are the advantages of consolidating shipments for air freight?

    Consolidating shipments can reduce costs by maximising cargo space and reducing the overall number of shipments, making transportation more efficient.

    Are there any customs regulations and requirements for international air freight?

    Yes, international air freight shipments are subject to customs regulations and documentation requirements.

    Can air freight handle oversized or heavy cargo?

    Yes, air freight can accommodate oversized or heavy cargo, although additional charges may apply.

    How do I ensure the safety of hazardous goods during air transportation?

    Hazardous goods must be properly packaged, labelled, and declared to ensure safe air transportation. Compliance with regulations is essential.

    What role does insurance play in air freight shipments?

    Insurance is essential to protect your cargo in case of loss, damage, or other unforeseen events during transit. It’s advisable to discuss insurance options with your air freight provider.

    Why Choose Us For Your Air Freight UK?


    With years of expertise in air freight UK, we understand the intricacies of air freight logistics and can navigate any challenges.

    Global Network

    Our extensive network and worldwide presence ensure your cargo can reach any corner of the globe with precision.

    Customer-Centric Approach

    We prioritise your needs and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

    In the world of air freight UK, SAFCO Services Ltd stands as your dedicated partner, offering a seamless and efficient way to transport your cargo. Contact us today and experience the difference that a trusted air freight partner can make.

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